How We Work

The Interview:

The interview is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet each other and it will help you decide if we are the right team for you.. We look forward to answering your questions and showing you samples of our products and our works in progress. During the interview we focus solely on your project. We can give you cost estimates for your project based on similar projects we have completed.

Getting Started With Design:

The more we know about your lifestyle and needs the better the job we can do for you. If you are remodeling, we will come to your home, take measurements and take note of your cooking and storage requirements. If you are building a new home, we will spend time reviewing your plans and making a list of your expectations. Once we have established a set of requirements for your kitchen, we begin the design process, called sketching. Sketches are simple, exploratory, drawings that will show you options and possibilities for your design. We will also generate simple perspective drawings for you along the way so that you will be able to understand the design and details that we are suggesting.

Revisions & Quality Drawings:

In the process of design we will all come up with new and better ideas. This is the fun part of design... discovering better solutions. Once we have arrived at our final design it is important to have a clear and detailed set of drawings. These drawings are the documents from which the contractor and all of the subcontractors will take their information. Quality drawings ensure a quality installation.

Other Services:

Many kitchen remodels require structural changes to the existing home, in order to create more space, improve circulation around the kitchen and increase access to natural light. We are available for hire to provide this advanced design work. Please contact us for information regarding our design fee structure.